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Thursday, April 07, 2011

From Lawrence, Philosophy meeting, this Sunday drinks at 7pm

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we agreed to meet only for drinks at O'Connor's at seven pm.
However, I will try and be there earlier just in case anyone would like
to meet earlier.

Last Sunday we were only eight at the pub and although we were able to
keep the corner for the meeting until half six we really could keep it
any longer. Given that it is imperative that we have a good crowd by six
at O'Connor's we agreed to just meet at seven to take stock of the

However, there is still a strong interest in the meetings it is just
that we are passing through uncertain times. In the meantime, Asun and
Encarna have suggest two other places which we have to check out as soon
as we can.

Best and see you Sunday at O'Connor's at 7pm (or 6:30pm) if you want to
come early.


From Lawrence, Philosophy meeting, this Sunday drinks at 7pm

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