04 February 2007

To have or To be

This Sunday we are discussing “To have or To be” which, as you know, is also a
title of a book by Eric Fromm which was published in 1976.

Because I had a bad cold these past two days and the fact that I haven’t read
the whole book I was unable to finish my essay. Sorry for that. I am sure you
will appreciate that having to share one’s brain and body with a few million
uninvited bugs is not conducive to clear thinking.

For those who are interested in Fromm’s book, but don’t have a copy, there is a
document on the website of “The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Children,” [http://www.empathicparenting.org/crime/havebe.htm] which includes
the relevant part of the book explaining Fromm’s argument. If you cannot access
the site I can send you a copy of the document.

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