23 March 2007

from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: How do you know somebody loves you? + Walk San Rafael

+++++ some of you would have already received this email, but because I'm
using a new system I'm not sure who got the email or not. From the four
control addresses I use I only received the email in one of them. And that
does not include the yahoo group. Apologies in advance, Lawrence ++++++

Dear friends,
Don't forget that this Saturday, 24 March, we're going to San Rafael for a
relaxing walk in the country side. Of course there will always be an
opportunity to stop for a hot cup of coffee or what ever takes your fancy;
I'm sure most bars will probably have what you want.
These are the details: meet at Nuevos Ministerios RENFE , 9.30am to catch
the 10.08am train to Segovia; we get at San Rafael at around 11.30am. Don't
forget you will need to get a ticket and we also meet near the ticket office
in the main hall. Monica and Sonia tell me that they will be travelling in
the front carriage so I guess we can all head in that direction. Those who
are going by car need not prepare any special welcome for those of us
travelling by normal means although any effort would be greatly appreciated.
Talking about understanding, I once again had to forego writing the essay.
As some of you know last Friday my PC gave up the ghost and decided enough
was enough; there might still be hope of the machine. In the meantime I had
to get a new PC and now I am using the most expensive software to go back to
the equivalent of the stone age for computers; manually copy and paste. In
their infinite wisdom those who developed the new PC system decided that we
are better off paying 200 Euros for what was once a free feature of a word
processor. It took me some time to find a work-around for a simple, but
expensive feature.
On the subject of love for fellow human beings, this Sunday we are
discussing the subject: how do you know that somebody loves you? Of course,
love could mean different things to different people, but how should we
understand, somebody? Is there a difference between somebody and someone?
Should we read more in the body part than the 'one' part? We all look
forward to finding out on Sunday, but maybe on Saturday we'll have a test
run of how things ought to be.
See you Sunday or Saturday,
Take care Lawrence
**********HOLIDAY FLATS********** Mayte; Almería (Villa de Níjar);
Paloma; Marbella (near Elviria);
+++++++++MEETING DETAILS+++++++++ SUNDAY 6.00pm START at Molly Malone's
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