10 May 2007

from Lawrence, Philosophy Group, Sunday 6.00-8.30pm: Getting Old + Segovia trip

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing "getting old." Unfortunately I was unable
to finish the essay by today; I only have 85% of a draft ready. I'll try
to send it maybe tomorrow evening or Saturday morning. Which is of
course too late for many of you. Anyway, if you are seriously interested
in 'getting old' I suggest you have a look at this documentary at Google

Exploring Life Extension

Immortality Institute

1 hr 45 min 32 sec - Jan 21, 2006

www.imminst.org <http://www.imminst.org>



I am sure it will be one of the most interesting films you'll ever see.

In the meantime, both Perti and Julian are looking for a flat share or
accommodation in the centre of Madrid. If you can help either one of
them please drop them a line (virtual) at:

Julian _ juliand1@yahoo.com <mailto:juliand1@yahoo.com>

Petri _ petra.cuetrra@gmail.com <mailto:petra.cuetrra@gmail.com>

On the 27 May, Sunday, we are going to Segovia as a concession to all
those members who cannot come with us on our trips on Saturdays. Will be
organising the details in the next few days. One of the things we have
to consider is whether to return early to Madrid to have the meeting as

Finally don't forget that we now have to finish our meeting at 8.30pm.
Please arrive on time or asap so we start early. Thanks

Take care


**********HOLIDAY FLATS**********
Mayte; Almería (Villa de Níjar);


Paloma; Marbella (near Elviria);


+++++++++MEETING DETAILS+++++++++
SUNDAY 6.00pm START and 8.30pm FINISH at Molly Malone's Pub, probably
-Email: philomadrid@yahoo.co.uk
-Yahoo group >> philomadridgroup-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk <
-Old essays: www.geocities.com/philomadrid
-Group photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/photosphilo
-My tel 606081813
-metro: Bilbao : buses: 21, 149, 147


from Lawrence, Philosophy Group, Sunday 6.00-8.30pm: Getting Old +
Segovia trip

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