04 April 2008

from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: FALLING OUT OF LOVE by Olga

Dear friends,

Olga has asked me to share these notes she prepared for her topic on
Falling out of Love.

Enjoy and learn

See you Sunday




First of all, as some of you have noticed I am a very superstitious
person and in case I can not attend next weeks meeting I am sending this
e. mail to you all. By the way, I would like, this time, to stick to the
subject. That is to say, to talk about FALLING OUT OF LOVE, not about
other things such as falling in love, divorce, splitting up, ending
relationships with friends, family or colleague.

Well, I am not a philosopher or a writer and I looked in Internet to see
what people wrote about the subject.

I am sure that you all are familiar with Internet. I just would like to
tell you that if you wish to find out if you are falling out of love
now, you can do the quiz which appears in Google when you write "falling
out of love". Maybe you do not trust this quiz but it is good fun.

Well, only to remind you that I am Spanish, therefore, try not to be too
critical with my writing in English. Besides, I am writing in a hurry.

QUIZ: Are you falling OUT of love?

A quick and easy 20 question quiz to help you determine if you are
falling out of love.

When a relationship ends people assume that it is easy on the person who
ends things. It is as if the person who does the breaking up, or who is
thinking of breaking things off, is a person with no feelings, but
nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes people break off a
relationship without remorse but this is not the norm. Most of the time
falling OUT of love is a painful and confusing process filled with doubt
and guilt. In fact falling OUT of love can be a more emotional process
than falling IN love. Are you falling out of love or are you just going
through a rocky patch? Take our "Are you falling OUT of love?" quiz to
find out.

Note: After having read this in Internet, I felt like contacting those
men who fell out of love with me to tell them that I didn't realize, at
that time, how painful it was for them and propose to meet them so that
they will realize the mistake they made in the past.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

some of the signs of falling out of love are, the partner no longer
comes around you as was the case, he/she would not return calls or reply
mails. The rate of frown on the person's face would be more than the
smile when you are around, he/she would always be in hurry to leave, no
more laughter like before, blames and excuses. Etc


he/she doesn't spend so time together with u....he/she doesn't want to
have sex with u so often....you fight a lot with that person, even from
nothings....but, you can notice it by the way he looks at you, kisses

You think it would not happen but it does. Even after many, many years
of marriage.

When goals for financial security in retirement are suddenly not
accepted by your partner.

When you try to have a conversation and by the answers you get you can
tell the other person never heard what you asked.

When the other person takes showers without you anymore.

When the other person say they have lost confidence in you and your
abilities to run a business.

When the other person tells you that your products are crap and no one
wants them. (safety/security items for kids and adults. Security cameras).

When the other person does not give you important phone messages.

When the other person claims that WE have no money for ink cartridges
for the printer and then suddenly finds a thousand bucks when the kids
need to print homework.

When the other person has to keep going into another room or outside
when taking calls.

When the other person claims that your lazy and get a $5.00 an hour job
instead of a lucrative home based business and web sites.

The other person refuses to help BOTH your situations and refuses to
acknowledge that you have a disabling medical condition.

When the kids migrate to the other person and cant even say good morning
to you or even ask you how your doing.

No one asks for your help even though you are an award winning college
educated person with hope for the future.
When you are no longer asked to coach the kids sporting teams.

When your kids force your mother out of the house saying they aren't
giving up their room or extra bed for their grandmother to use when she

I don't know. Just guessing these might be some signs.

Hope this helps. Gotta go. Making breakfast and then taking pastries to
my niece's school.

I must close now. Hope to see you all next Sunday.

Olga xx xx

from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: FALLING OUT OF LOVE
by Olga

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