09 July 2009

from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: Promiscuity + cycling in el Pardo with Joseoscar

Message from JoseOscar – cycling in el Pardo on Saturday

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing Promiscuity.

I look forward to your ideas about the subject.

Of course, in the past this would have been an ethical and certainly a religious issue. Today it is worse than that; it is a health issue. This is because promiscuity can not only lead to the corruption of the mind but literally it can lead to the corruption of the brain through some sexually transmitted disease. If, that is, any promiscuity it taken to its logical conclusion.

Which leads me to make a distinction between exhibitionism and promiscuity. I would say that the promiscuity implies behaviour that involves sexual contact (of some sort). So much the article in Wikipedia verifies, the question is however, what counts as sexual behaviour? Maybe there is more to culture in the answer to this question than semantic analysis.

Exhibitionism is more to exposing one’s body in a rather sexually suggestive way. Whether the meaning ought to also include to acts of promiscuity, is, I think, not that relevant.

But if promiscuity can, as a consequence, lead to sexually transmitted diseases to partners, what kind of duty does a promiscuous person have towards those partners? And does the possibility of having a transmitted disease cured justify the behaviour?


In the meantime Joseoscar has asked me to pass this message on to you:

I'm looking for people interested in having a walk by bicycle through El Pardo on Saturday morning. We could meet at La Quinta (El Pardo) or somewhere else. Contact 651 099 874




take care and see you Sunday,



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from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: Promiscuity + cycling in el Pardo with Joseoscar

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