07 October 2009

from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: Human Instinct + Visit to Bustarviejo Saturday

Visit to Bustarviejo

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing Human Instinct.

I have not written an essay for this topic since I need to think a
little bit about the topic and also because I want to send this email
today with the details of our visit to Bustarviejo on Saturday.

Anyway, the Wikipedia article on Instinct is quite interesting although
it may lack the rigour of other articles. But the most relevant claim in
the article is that scientists do not speak of instinct or Human
Instinct any more. The discussion has moved on to inherited behaviours
though genes or learned instincts due to factors in our environment.

This begs the question, of whether Human Instinct is a legitimate
philosophical subject. Of course, what causes human instinct is a
different matter from the consequences of our instincts and how we use
these instincts in the first place. These are, in my opinion,
philosophical issues.

What is sure is that as city dwellers we have an instinct to answer the
call of the wild and to be at one with nature. And to satisfy this
primordial instinct we are visiting Bustarviejo on Saturday. For those
who do not know where Bustarviejo is, it is the next village after
Miraflores. These are the details:

Bus 725 from Plaza Castilla (new Bus Terminal). The bus LEAVES at 9:30am
and arrives in Bustarviejo at 10:45am. I suggest you arrive early in
Plaza Castilla because the new terminal is quite big and not well signed

A quick visit to a bar for a coffee would be the best thing to do as
soon as we arrive. After the coffee we can then start walking to the
nearest patch of nature. Hopefully to build up an appetite for lunch.

From past experience (Kim and myself) the best option for lunch would
be a menu del dia in Miraflores. We can catch the bus back to Miraflores
at 2:00pm or 3:00pm which takes fifteen minutes.

Of course, if it starts raining on Saturday, we have plan B: go to
Miraflores and find a decent menu del dia and skip the hassle of
building up an appetite with the help of nature.

Take care, see you Saturday



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from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: Human Instinct +
Visit to Bustarviejo Saturday

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