29 April 2010

from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: We get in life what we expect

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: We get in life what we expect.

Pilar has sent me a link to the article in the El Pais about the
campaign by the Madrid regional government promoting their bilingual
schools. For copyright reasons I am not including the whole article, but
I am including the first few lines and the link:

"Yes, we want": cómo anunciar 'coles' bilingües con mal inglés
Educación dice que el eslogan "es uno de los mejores de los últimos años"
ELENA G. SEVILLANO - Madrid - 16/04/2010
Empieza el anuncio y una niña dice, en un inglés muy aceptable: "We want
to learn another language" (Queremos aprender otro idioma). Cambia el
plano y se ve a una docena de chavales en una cancha de baloncesto que
gritan a cámara: "Yes, we want". Lo mismo en la radio, en las
marquesinas, los autobuses...

Do you think that the Regional government got what they expected?

As always, we have to be careful what we want, because as the Chinese
proverb claims, we might even get. Maybe life would be easier if we want
what we can get, this way we may even get the best of both worlds: we
get something we can live with, and maybe we might get something that is
even better than what we ever imagined.

Take care. Theoretically I should be feeling better for Sunday and of
course thank you for all your best wish for a quick recovery.



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from Lawrence, Pub Philosophy Group, Sunday meeting: We get in life what
we expect

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