28 February 2011

From Lawrence, philosophy meetings

Dear friends,

Following the announcement yesterday evening that we cannot meet at
Molly Malone's any more, today I managed to speak to the manager of the
pub and he kindly explained the situation. I will give you the facts as
they were told to me:

- The management of the pub were not happy that many of us did not buy
drinks from the bar. However, this in its self was not the biggest issue
for not allowing to meet there any more.

- They were concerned that during busy periods on Sunday evenings many
of us were occupying stools when they did not buy anything and yet
customers upstairs left the pub because there were no stools for them to

- They said that many people only asked for a glass of water, and that
some also asked for crisps to go with the water.

- They resented the fact that after the meeting people did not stay at
the pub to buy drinks there. I pointed out that I was under the
impression that the bar next door was part of the pub management, but
apparently they are under different management and therefore not
financially connected.

- The most serious objection of all was, however, that after the meeting
many people went to other bars in the area.

I think that in the circumstances it is only fair that I should solicit
your opinion, feedback, suggestions and any other comments. I will
report back on Thursday which I will, of course, do in an anonymous
manner. So please you can be as honest as you care or wish to be.

Finally, I will send out this email again tomorrow just in case someone
does not receive it tonight.

Looking forward to your comments



From Lawrence, philosophy meetings

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