09 June 2011

from Lawrence, this Sunday meeting: Artificial Intelligence

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Artificial Intelligence.
This is a subject more about intelligent machines rather than will
machines rule the world and us included. The problem with this science
fiction type of contemplation is that machines are created in the image
of human beings. And hence, I would argue, would also inherit some of
the weaknesses of human beings.
Indeed we have to distinguish between intelligence and computational
power to reach to a probabilistic conclusion based in inductive input in
a very short time. Even more important, data is king when it comes to
artificial intelligence which in a way reinforces the inductive method.
However, machines can do wonderful things with the right data set and
the computational program.
In effect I would say that any attempt to argue that machines will over
take the world has to contemplate two issues: first, are we intelligent
enough to see when we are in real danger of being obliterated? The
chances are that some virus will obliterate the human race than a
machine, even considering nuclear bombs and power stations. The second
issue is that if we accept the premise that even artificial intelligence
is a reflection of human intelligence, and we have to accept this since
this is the only intelligence we know, then it suffers from a really
serious weakness. Artificial intelligence is not infallible intelligence.
Take care and see you Sunday


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from Lawrence, this Sunday meeting: Artificial Intelligence

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