27 October 2011

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Differences + news

News from Asun and Miguel
Dear Friends,
This Sunday we are discussing: Differences.
A curios subject, since the topic encompasses a huge number of possibilities: from disagreements, to
defences in opinion, differences between two objects, differences between two ideas, or more for all
that matter.
In the meantime Miguel and Asun would like to share to following with you:
----Estimado tertuliano,
Por si fuera de interés te envío información sobre la reunión anual Martin Gardner:
http://matematicas.montes.upm.es/fernando/g4g/ (la página contiene varios ambigramas
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambigram>. Por ejemplo el logotipo queda invariante si se gira 180º
alrededor del centro)
Saludos cordiales,
-----Asun's friend would like to rent the following: ALQUILER LOCAL/LOFT PARA TERAPEUTAS
Details here (PhiloMadrid Picasa site): http://tinyurl.com/loft-pinto


Meet 6:30pm
Centro Segoviano
Alburquerque, 14
28010 Madrid
Metro: Bilbao
PS don't forget that Ignacio and friends are now meeting at Triskel Tavern (San Vicente Ferrer 3) on
Thursday at 7:30pm.
from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Differences + news

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