08 December 2011

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Subliminal Messages + News

News: Carlos and Ignacio

Dear Friends,
This Sunday we are discussing: Subliminal Messages.
We usually associate this subject with hidden messages in films to advertise some product or other.
Maybe! But it does always have to be so?
As a subject, the effects and power of subliminal messages ought to be discussed in the sciences
that look at human personality, behaviour and, of course, neurology. The philosophical scope might
be limited to what we mean by subliminal messages in our daily life and how do they affect our idea
of free will.
Also interesting for us would be the question of whether we can, ourselves, send out subliminal
messages with the language we use with each other in order for them to do what we want from them. Or
the biggest question of all, can subliminal messages be employed to determine the fate of a nation
in the same way that political leaders seems to be very masterful at doing?
In the meantime Ignacio has reminded me to let you know about the new arrangements for the Thursday
Thursday's Open Tertulia in English
Important Notice: From December 1st, the Tertulia will take place at O'Donnells (ex-Moore's) Irish
Pub, c/ Barceló 1 (metro Tribunal)
Carlos has invited us to a meeting and workshop, on the 15 December, by Jesús Leirós and Eduardo
Junquera Cubiles – details below:
Poesía y Libertad Intervendrá el Poeta: Jesús Leirós ; y
al Taller de Creatividad: La Libertad Creativa: Educando en Libertad, por el autor de ensayo,
novela, divulgación científica y teatro: Eduardo Junquera Cubiles
Jueves 15 de diciembre de 2011 a las 20:00 horas
Café Comercial
Glorieta de Bilbao nº7 (Madrid)
Take care and see you Sunday,
Meet 6:30pm
Centro Segoviano
Alburquerque, 14
28010 Madrid
Metro: Bilbao

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Subliminal Messages + News

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