26 April 2012

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Evil + NEWS

Evil + lots of news

Dear Friends,
Matilda has prepared for us a list of questions to ponder on her subject: Evil.
Dear friends,

As a matter of fact I only have questions and no answers related to this topic.

Does Evil exist?
What is it?
Since when?
Is it natural such as The Good?
Do we need to believe in it?
Is it a theological matter?
Is it in itself?
Or, does it depend on the point of view we have?
Is Evil a mental disorder neither more nor less?
Very close to fanaticism?
Such as:

Bin Laden
Breivik (recently)
Etc., etc., etc.
See you on Sunday.

The Devil's advocate.

Philosophers have to be a bit wary about Evil. Not because evil is what dictionaries describe as
"Morally bad or wrong; wicked" but precisely because it is described as morally wrong or bad. But
what is the difference between bad/wrong and evil?

Sure there is the issue of intensity, in the same way that being six months pregnant is still
pregnant as being two days pregnant.

Indeed another reason to be wary is of course theological creep, as Matilda asks us to consider. Is
evil just ordinary language wrong or bad but with a high dose of emotionalism injected into the
meaning to scare us and frighten us? Or is it some concept given to us by the gods?

But maybe here is the key to the meaning of evil. Whilst something being wrong or bad might not
necessarily lead us to action or to react, calling someone evil not only creates an urge in us to
fight it, but more important of all it justifies the actions we take.

Calling an enemy, evil, justifies us going to war with them; calling some one evil gives justifies
us in treating them badly.

So, to add another question to Matilda's list: is evil just bad and wrong with emotionalism thrown
in, is it some other form of wrong and bad? Maybe not pregnant, but say adoptive parenthood?

In the meantime we have a list of news for the next few days:

---from Diana---
I am sending you the information about my friends' play in English. It will be on stage on Saturday
5th and Sunday 6th May, 4.30 and 8.00 pm, in Instituto Cardenal Cisneros, calle de los Reyes, 4,
near plaza de España and calle San Bernardo.
Reservations: originalworkstheatre@gmail.com
More info: facebook.com/originalworkstheatre
Could you please post this information on your weekly e-mail?
Thank you for your help.
Best regards,


A la Conferencia
"Einstein y el Materialismo"
por Lawrence Barón
y al
Claustro de Poesía
Siete poetas en inglés
Textos fundamentales del siglo XX
por Jesús Urceloy y Mari Carmen Carrasco
Lunes 7 de Mayo de 2012 a las 20:00 horas
Café Comercial
Glorieta de Bilbao nº7 (Madrid)
(if you want more details please write to me to send you the full document)

-----Alfonso Art Exhibition----
La Paloma Exhibition Hall
Calle Toledo 108 - Madrid
17-30 April 2012
Monday to Friday 10.00 – 14.00 / 17.00 – 20.00
(If you want a copy of the catalogue please let me know.)

----- Cementerio Británico-----
Por el presente mensaje hago saber las fechas de las visitas comentadas programadas para mayo y
junio : si hay alguien que quiera formar un grupo, no importa que sea pequeño, en cualquier otra
fecha, sírvase avisarme para llegar a un acuerdo mutuo de hora y fecha.
This is to give you the dates of the guided visits on Saturday mornings in May and June : if anyone
wishes to make up a group, however small, independent of the dates I give below, I will be most
happy to make arrangements and take them round - all they need do is state their preferred dates and
we will work out a schedule.
Redacto el presente mensaje tanto en español como en inglés con el objeto de comunicarles que sigo
con el programa de visitas comentadas, sábados por la mañana, al Cementerio Británico.
Las visitas empiezan a las 11 horas en la entrada del Cementerio Británico, calle del Comandante
Fontanes 7, distrito de Carabanchel
*sábado, 26 de mayo, cuando daré las explicaciones en español
*sábado, 2 de junio, cuando daré las explicaciones en inglés
Lo dejo a su elección cuál día acuda y no hay necesidad de avisar.
Tomen nota de nuestra página web < www.britishcemeterymadrid.com > que contiene información de la
historia del Cementerio y el mapa de su ubicación.
I am writing this in both Spanish and in English to tell you that I am continuing Saturday morning
guided visits to the British Cemetery.
We meet at 11 o'clock at the Cemetery entrance in Calle del Comandante Fontanes 7 in Carabanchel
* the visit on Saturday 26 May will be in Spanish
* the visit on Saturday 2 June will be in English
The choice of date is left to you and there is no need to inform me in advance of the visit whether
you are coming.
Do take note of our website < www.britishcemeterymadrid.com > where you will find details of the
Cemetery's history and a map with its location.
David Butler


Take care

PhiloMadrid Meeting
Meet 6:30pm
Centro Segoviano
Alburquerque, 14
28010 Madrid
Metro: Bilbao

Thursday's Open Tertulia in English
Important Notice: From December 1st, the Tertulia will take place at O'Donnells (ex-Moore's) Irish
Pub, c/ Barceló 1 (metro Tribunal)

----------From Luisa---------
Please not you will have to let her know in advance if you wish to attend, thanks:
Data of language exchange,
Location: Café Comercial
Address: Glorieta de Bilbao, 7
Website location:

Dates: on Saturday
Time: from 12:30 to 14:45
Price: 2.50 € (exchange organizing, hiring the top of the cafeteria and coffee, tea, soda, wine or
beer are included).
Luisa - email to confirm please alvarez_luisa@hotmail.com

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Evil + NEWS

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