06 December 2012

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Self Esteem

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: self esteem.

One way we can describe self esteem is as being our view of how much we value ourselves. How much we
think we are useful to ourselves and to others, and as a consequence how much we are valued by
others. Closely associated with self esteem I would probably add shyness and timidity.

A question we can ask ourselves is why do some people suffer from low self esteem, when they
shouldn't, and others ooze with self esteem when they can only be described as cads. In our society
money is a good booster of self esteem, because this gives us access to all sorts of things, such as
property, freedom, sex and respect.

But of course, not everyone can be super rich, and neither does everyone want to change partners. So
money whilst useful is neither sufficient nor necessary to one's self esteem. Nevertheless, those
who do suffer from low self esteem do seem to give an unfair advantage to predators and maybe those
who have excessive self-esteem. Maybe not being noticed is still a valid and successful way to lead
a peaceful life.

All's well and good. But it is quite ironic that I should be sending this email on a mid week
holiday supposedly to celebrate a constitution that seems to look much sexier, like all
constitutions, on paper than it is virile in reality. With a recession in most European countries,
with unemployment reaching 26% in some members of the EU, and other members so low down the
corruption list that one has enough time to make two cups of tea before we find them, 18th and 19th
century format constitutions seem not to be fit for purpose any more.

But 26% unemployed, unfair mortgage contracts, super black holes in the economies of some countries
and corruption have two certain effects. First, the fall out from all this affects real people, who
all they want is to live a peaceful and dignified life for themselves and their family. And that the
direct victims of this abuse of human rights affect the self esteem of many.

Actually, today, there are people who really cannot afford to buy presents to their children this
Christmas. Some Christmas, some morality! After all, probably the worst form of low self esteem is
when one feels helpless in front of one's family. And the most exciting form of high self esteem is
to receive the exclusive present in the neighbourhood; at least for twenty four hours, anyway!

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Self Esteem

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