26 April 2013

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Is life a dream? + LUNCH

Dear Friends,

Don't forget that this Sunday we have the lunch at the Segoviano; 28th April at 3.30pm. If you wish
to come and were not on the list last week please can you call Encarna (914457935); I just won't be
able to organise it.

After lunch we will be discussing: Is life a dream?

Both Ruel and Miguel prepared us an essay, the links are below. As for myself I wrote a few lines
trying to figure out, without success, the philosophical implications of the topic.

Message from Asun----
Lawrence I forgot to ask you if you can include this link of a 56sqm apartment in Chamartin. Close
to Principe de Vergara and Serrano and Paseo Habana for 700eu. All details in the link.




Best Lawrence

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PhiloMadrid Meeting
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Centro Segoviano
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Metro: Bilbao

Thursday's Open Tertulia in English
Important Notice: From December 1st, the Tertulia will take place at O'Donnells (ex-Moore's) Irish
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Is Life A Dream?

Is life a dream?

Is life a dream?
In passing, I will exclude the possible interpretation of "a dream" to mean something exceptionally
nice and good; it isn't. Indeed life is much closer to a nightmare than a Hollywood love story!

Strictly speaking life is part of the big programme we otherwise call the universe. There is no
doubt that we are a function within the universe as much as our dreams are a function of our brain.

But there is a difference between life being within the universe, and Descartes thought experiment
of us being a thought in some evil god. We can see the reductionism from the universe to our brain
to dreams being in our brain. Descartes' thought experiment was just a thought in Descartes' brain.

However, life, as in the life we live, does have some things in common with dreams. To begin with
the rather randomness that affects both phenomena. We have very little control of what we dream. And
although in life we seem to have some control of our destiny, in many cases the price we pay
involves our liberty and conforming with the trend.

In the meantime, life is not a dream.

Best Lawrence

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Is life a dream? + LUNCH

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