09 April 2013

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Lunch/ Comida on the 28th please read


Hola a todos,
Os escribo este mensaje para concretar el tema de la Comida.

Se celebrará el día 28 de Abril a las 15:30 (la hora la discutiremos próximamente). Por favor,
hacerme saber, lo antes posible, qué es lo que queréis de menú, si alguien desea o necesita algo
especial decírmelo para poder pasar el mensaje a Encarna, o por el contrario podéis hablar con ella

Animaros, podemos pasar una buena tarde.

Un saludo.

(Just in case you are wondering, Isabel wrote the above!!!)

----Lunch at the Segoviano----
1) Last Sunday we discussed the possibility of organising a lunch at the centro and I asked Encarna
for details. However, we still have to organise the date so you can think about this lunch and find
a gap in your busy diary. I also have a pending appointment at the hospital and won't know the dates
until next week. What is sure is that we start lunch at 3:30pm and then start the meeting as usual.
In the meantime we can think about the menu:
-Starters (frituras variadas), Entrecot o Cochinillo con ensalada, Postre- cafe-bebida. 25 euros per
-Alternative option 1: fish or vegetarian but you will have to speak to Encarna about this, I've got
her number so please ask me or her when you come to the meeting. 25 euros per person
-Alternative option 2: cochido completo (plus the extras above) 20 euros per person.
(Looking at the menu you might think this is a challenge to this week's subject, but I am assured
that the food is very good!!!)

- I'll send the usual email on Thursday and the topic is What is a nation??


Lawrence: 606081813
Blog: http://philomadrid.blogspot.com.es/
PhiloMadrid Meeting
Meet 6:30pm
Centro Segoviano
Alburquerque, 14
28010 Madrid
Metro: Bilbao

Thursday's Open Tertulia in English
Important Notice: From December 1st, the Tertulia will take place at O'Donnells (ex-Moore's) Irish
Pub, c/ Barceló 1 (metro Tribunal)

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Lunch/ Comida on the 28th please read

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