05 July 2013

from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Change

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Change.

The relationship between us and the world around us, including, I must
add, our physical body, if full of constant change. However, what is of
interest from our worldly perspective is that change and us are not
always in harmonious synchronisation. It goes without saying that this
state of affairs causes a lot of problems for humanity. Maybe the last
word on the subject should go to Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (Wikipedia)
who gave the French the expression "plus ça change, plus c'est la même
chose." But of course we won't do anything of the sort until we read
Ruel's essay on the subject:

Hello Lawrence,
The link to the essay I wrote on the topic ¨Changes¨ for Sunday´s
PhiloMadrid meet-up is:
Thank you very much.

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, Sunday PhiloMadrid meeting: Change

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