28 February 2014

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Language and Mind + News

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing a modern topic in philosophy, Language and

There is no doubt that language plays a key and central role in
philosophy. But today the emphasis is more on language acquisition
rather than language meaning. This means that philosophy is at the very
best competing with the neurosciences for attention on the topic.
However, the scope of the meaning of mind is not clear today. Psychology
scientists and maybe even practitioners still speak of the mind, our
mind a opposed to our brain. Are they justified? Is the mind something
different from the brain or are we talking about the same thing? Indeed
is there one thing we are investigating i.e. the brain? Despite its
complexity and our relatively ignorance about how the brain functions.
And relevant to our topic, is the idea of the mind just a language tool,
given that until a few decades ago the brain was just a black box
inaccessible to investigation? Hence, the bottom line question must
therefore be: is the mind a creation of language or of the brain?

In the meantime Ruel has sent us a link to his essay on the topic:
Hello Lawrence,

Below is the link to my essay re Sunday´s topic:


For those who might be interested and have the luxury of time to read,
may I also include here the link to the downloadable pdf copy of Noam
Chomsky´s book, LANGUAGE AND MIND:


Thank you very much.

See you on Sunday.


And Miguel has sent us news about his maths events:

Estimado tertuliano,

Por si fuera de interés te enviamos la noticia siguiente:

Los días 15 y 16 de mayo de 2014 se celebra la tercera edición de las
Jornadas Internacionales Matemáticas Everywhere. Al igual que la pasada
edición tendrán lugar en el CIEM (Centro Internacional de Encuentros
Matemáticos) en Castro Urdiales. Puedes encontrar toda la información en
la página Web del evento:

Por otro lado, Francisco Javier Sánchez González y Jesús de la Peña
Hernández, ambos tertulianos, quieren compartir con nosotros sus
respectivas páginas web: http://aldebaransoft.es y

Saludos cordiales,

Tertulia de Matemáticas

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Language and Mind + News

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