09 May 2014

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Shallowness + News

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Shallowness.

We usually experience this negative trait in people when we find
ourselves socialising in some function or meeting. And the effect is
usually boredom just when we are supposed to interact with fellow human

Ruel has prepared an essay for us and I wrote a few idea on the topic.
In the meantime Miguel has sent us details about his Maths tertulia.

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Hello Lawrence,
Here is the link to the essay I wrote on Sunday´s PhiloMadrid topic:
Thank you.


Building long standing ties and long term relationships can be both a
matter of necessity or a character trait. A lot might even depend on the
kind of opportunities we have or come across. If we are presented with
regular opportunities with hardly any consequences when we break
previous relationships then maybe we don't feel the need to have a
meaningful and in depth relationship with everyone.

Shallowness is not only a characteristic when a person does not
establish meaningful relationships but also exhibits superficial
interests, knowledge and maybe even abilities. Thus some people instead
of developing a meaningful relationship when we are in the context of
expecting meaningful relationships, we find ourselves bored and maybe
even feel in a vacuum.

Maybe it is also true that in today's big societies we do not have many
opportunities to get to know people very well. It might also be argued
that we do not necessarily always open up with everyone. Thus we might
give people the wrong impression.

It might however also be argued that some people are shallow because
they are inundated with opportunities. They might be spoilt or even have
excess of everything. Thus they might be shallow when dealing with
people because they are victims of the "busy" syndrome or simply because
they are inundated with people paying them attention.

These are circumstances that contribute at making us shallow or
superficial to certain levels and degrees of social interaction. Some
might even be shallow because of their social circumstance, born into a
rich family, they are extremely attractive, have the right social
background etc.

There is however a different type of shallowness; one that is the result
of indifference or lack of interest. This is very prevalent regarding
politics and social issues.

Many people give the impression that they are oblivious to political
issues, abuse of power or social unrest. They want to give the
impression that they are above politics although many who are well
heeled wouldn't mind playing the system to make even more money. And
those who might be tempted to care about politics they only care enough
to accept what the establishment says or to maintain the status quo.
Indeed, are these people shallow or simply victims of political

Although shallowness in people might be annoying, it is no doubt part of
the hierarchal and social posturing of a competitive biological system.
We can easily interpret shallowness as self preservation, a strategy to
select the best, or protect one's resources, but can it also be
interpreted as aggression? That is, being aggressive with people we
don't want to associate with instead of just politely walking away.

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Shallowness + News

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