11 September 2014

from Lawrence, SATURDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Entitlement + News Job Offer

2 essays + Teaching English Job

Dear Friends,

This Saturday we are discussing the topic: Entitlement.

We may even start by asking ourselves whether there is a difference
between a right and an entitlement? In my few ideas on the subject I do
not address this issue partly because entitlement is something closer to
being deserving because of something rather than having a right because
of something we are. So maybe these sound the same but are not really
the same. As you know I do not read the essays I receive before I send
out the email so I have no idea what Ruel's position is on the subject.

---Job offer
In the meantime I am including a job offer from Jim for a native English
teacher, if you are interested please let me know and I'll pass on your
details to Jim (I don't need your CV!!!).

Hi Lawrence,
I was wondering if you know anyone interested in a job as an English
Teacher in an Academy in Vallecas. The conditions are excellent ;
approximately 25 hours per week, social security, paid holidays and a
salary of around 1400 euros per month. I can give you the detail of the
Academy. By the way, the applicant should be native speaker.

---Essay by Ruel

Hi Lawrence,
I wrote an essay on the next PhiloMadrid topic. Here is the link:
See you on Saturday.

Lawrence - Entitlement

In a social structure based on privilege and dominance, entitlement to
something is a light relief from serfdom or exploitation. Being entitled
to something and those in power recognising and giving one whatever one
is entitled to is an important achievement and satisfaction in one's life.

However, a sense of entitlement does not arise from an act of
generosity, or even a gift, but something more predictable; for example,
a contract, a legal precedent, a social norm or custom and even maybe a
sense of what is morally the right thing to do. There is also one thing
clear about entitlement and that is whatever we are entitled to it is
because we deserve it.

The idea of being entitled to something because we deserve it is not a
problem area and certainly within the confines of what is morally
acceptable. But we also seem to hold a sense of difference between being
entitled to something because we are underprivileged, or because it is
some sort of exchange for "services" rendered. And I enclose services in
quotes because this should be interpreted in the widest possible sense.

Indeed, a key meaning is that services can cover labour services, for
example mowing the lawn for someone in exchange for twenty Euros, up to
a duty to do one's best and be a positive influence and contributor to
one's society.

Whilst there is no doubt that society should help those who for some
reason cannot help themselves, do we have a duty to endeavour to
contribute in a positive manner to the wellbeing of society and do we
have a duty to improve ourselves so that we can help contribute better
to society?

Under a rational and cooperative system of co existence I would say that
there is no doubt about the need to help those who cannot help
themselves. And that we have to try and contribute to society in the
knowledge that others are on a similar mission and relationship with
society. Of course, cooperation does not only mean contribution,
cooperation is by definition not a one way street, but rather a
predictive system where we know in advance that our efforts will also be
rewarded in the same way as other people will be rewarded for their efforts.

A privileged system is a zero sum game. Under a privileged and serf
system there is no exchange of duty and reward and no cooperation. Thus
being entitled to something because we a serfs or oppressed does not
solve any moral or even legal issues. Basically, being entitled to
something because we are underprivileged can itself be abused and hold a
cooperative system to ransom. Under a privileged system we can try to
project abuse as a strategy to balance the system. Thus the abused
becomes the abuser. Under a system based on privilege, being entitled to
some as of right can become a currency to extract entitlement when maybe
there are none to be had.

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SATURDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Entitlement + News Job Offer

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