19 September 2014

from Lawrence, SATURDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Destiny + News

Dear Friends,

This Saturday we are discussing, destiny.

By the time you read this email the destiny of Europe would have already
been set on Thursday the day before.

I do not just mean the yes or no outcome of the vote in the Scottish
referendum for independence from the UK, but also the causal
implications this irresponsible gamble by a European country has
inflicted on the European Union.

The issue is that the rest of the European countries, with all their
lazy regional politicians seeking glory and infantile attention will
also want a referendum for cessation from whatever piece of land they
call the oppressive country. So the destiny of Europe and, by
implication, us, is now set. The agenda will now be for irrelevant
politicians to take central stage in debates on independence and
cessations and constitutional mumbo jumbo; even the ducks would want
their pond declared international waters at this rate. And all these
goings on right at the very same time when European wealth, talent and
opportunities are being plundered by faceless corporations and
irresponsible countries.

We think that destiny is something set in the past to be enacted in the
future, and although it affects us completely, we are the last ones to
know what is going on. But should we?

Well we do not need to go into esoteric ideas of destiny to predict what
can happen in the future. For example, we know for a fact that an
economy that functions on boom and bust cycles in the property market is
destined to price itself out of stability. Add to this an unstable set
of neighbours who are equally greedy and you have the making of a long
term financial disaster.

There is no mysterious destiny to economic instability, there are only
causal effects; the second world war is the prime example. Politicians
will inevitably become puppets at the call and behest of those who own
the credit lines. This slippery slope situation can easily lead to
people taking desperate measure for personal survival by legitimising
and legalising such treasonable acts as destroying the nation and the

But the call of the sirens from the deep sea of independence is very
strong and attractive to the gullible and the weak and especially those
who watch the wrong type of Hollywood films. If people are prepared to
believe in such metaphysical whimsies as "independence" then why not
give them smoke and mirrors and charge them a handsome price plus a
decent interest rate?

Some might think that an independent Scotland would mean the end of the
United Kingdom; and the prosperity of Scotland. To cut a long history
short, people quickly forget that the Kingdom was built on the doctrine
of divide and rule. If you divide and rule you can charge double with no
bulk discount; if you stand united and cooperate you can negotiate a
decent bulk discount rate and favourable credit terms!

European regions might want and get independence because now they have
clearly seen their destiny and how to get there! But they also become a
serious financial risk and hence are charged interest accordingly. The
question is whether all those who collect the interest will be destined
to happily play the merry tune all the way to the bank?

Below you have the link to Ruel's essay.
Hello Lawrence,
Just want to share the link to access the essay I wrote on the next
PhiloMadrid topic.

Thanks and see you on Saturday.

---An event at the British Cemetery,
Aprovechamos la oportunidad para comunicar a los Friends del British
Cemetery los detalles de la presentación de la nueva publicación de la
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David J. Butler MBE

---review one of Gloria's
If anyone would like to do a book review of one of Gloria's books for a
blog or media please get in touch with me.
Name of book: FREAKING OUT (Lo Esmás flipando) es. Chiado
First book: WHINNY: Cuentos o relatos negros pero blancos (1985-2013)
ed. Palibrio

Finally, regarding the job offer by Jim unfortunately I don't have any
more information but have forwarded all the emails I received.



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from Lawrence, SATURDAY PhiloMadrid meeting: Destiny + News

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