08 April 2016

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Globalisation

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Globalisation.

Unfortunately, I couldn't write an essay for the topic but it is
certainly fertile ground for our discussion. The theoretical idea of
globalisation is of course that trade and commerce is practically open
to everyone and every business in the world.

This is well and good, but what are the basic rules by which such an
ideal should work? Is it a free for all lawlessness? And who gets to
share in the benefits of such endeavours?

What we know is that globalisation does not benefit everyone and as the
Panama Papers seem to show; only a small section of the world population
seems to benefit from the free flow of wealth in the world. But the idea
that the world is open for business and talent is not something to be
dismissed very easily. After all we are all human beings, and that
should mean something.

One issue we can discuss is the relationship amongst: international
politics, international business and wealth distribution.

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Globalisation

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