24 June 2016

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Rivalry (Rivality)

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Rivalry (Rivality).

The meaning of this concept is basically competing with a peer and an
equal. I would say that this reflects more a personal quest to win
against a specific enemy or challenger. In other words the final
objective is "destruction" of the other person.

Competing with others need not be negative and unfriendly, but not so
rivalry. Rivalry is probably more based on hate and animosity rather
than a strategy to win against another person.

It is this element of hate that makes rivalry more repugnant than
anything else. Unfortunately, rivalry can be a curse on siblings. And as
we know from ancient history, many a sibling has committed fratricide.
But rivalry can also exist between friends. In any event rivals are
moral outcasts and morally unsavoury people.

Rivalry might be considered unfair and uncalled for; but the winning
rival will never restore the status quo. A rival will always be seen as
suspicious and untrustworthy by people around them. If this person is
prepared to harm a sibling or a close friend, what's to stop this person
from turning against other close associates?

An issue for us is what leads to rivalry? We know for example that
cooperation is always the best strategy, and we also know that the
genetic push to protect our next of kin is very strong. Rivalry against
blood next of kin does not make sense. Indeed we associate altruism with
next of kin and not conflict. But we also know that at the biological
instinct level siblings in certain animals do kill siblings at birth.
Hence, is rivalry an activation of primordial genetic instinct to
survive over the more modern, presumably more modern, genetic impulse to

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Rivalry (Rivality)

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