14 October 2016

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Personal Branding

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Personal Branding.

Although the terminology might be new and modern, the idea of being
different from others to attract the attention of prospective employers
or partners is not new at all.

Whilst we want to be different and distinguishable from everyone else,
we don't want to be seen as bizarre or peculiar. In a way this requires
that we are self aware of who we are in our community. We need to know
ourselves as much as the other people we are trying to attract.

In the meantime Alicia has written for us a short essay:

PERSONAL BRANDING. (Alicia del Hierro)

Personal Branding is necessary in our personal and professional life.

We need to be the best option for the others and so we have to take care
very well all our qualities and knowledge: all together they are our
personal branding.

Unlike other approaches to professional improvement techniques that tend
to improve personal characteristics, personal branding approach tends to
promote the person through the perception others have of one.

As intangible assets of business organizations, the personal brand is
also an intangible asset, but not limited to the external appearance and
the impression is incurred and remains. It also includes how the person
differs from others. As with trademarks, brands pursued through personal
printed media are durable and suggest the benefit of the relationship
between the trademark holder and the observer.

The concept of personal branding becomes more necessary today, because
interpersonal relationships are increasingly anonymous. When human
beings enjoy the same attributes (such as training, experience,
aspirations) people tend to be seen as equal numbers, so for individual
promotion, each person must differentiate and show different, unique way
and unrepeatable. As in trade with markings unify the merits of the
products and makes them homogeneous, so that manufacturers tend to
promote branded products; professionals who want to differentiate
themselves to increase the value of their work or professional
contribution must build, promote, communicate and protect the personal

Thanks to technology, we can offer our services around the world and
achieve a good position in our sector: ambition, energy, hope, with good
products and brilliant ideas but with the appropriate contacts is a
cocktail with a good taste for the marketing, business, friends and for
living in our society.

We all know how complicated it is to find a good job and work in the
same enterprise during a long time. For this reason, only we have to
find the solution to our professional lives with our personal branding.
For this reason it is necessary have a clear idea about the virtual
place that you put your product of yourself, because if the place is not
right you are wasting opportunism.

You can offer something different to others, your personal branding have
to be the best option for the others: more profitable, visible and

Empowerment is inside. Thanks to the networking we can maintain contact
with others with the goal to offer our services for achieving our

On the other hand, professional people are like "commodities", but
thanks to the personal branding it is possible to sell our work not to
ourselves. It is a way to understand the life fix the personal and the
professional in a brand, the PERSONAL BRANDING.

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Personal Branding

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