26 January 2017

Joy by Lola

Essay JOY 18/01/17
Life has given us joy and sorrow. It must be so. The one goes with the
other. It is impossible to be one hundred per cent into one or another.
Most of the time we are in between.

Personnally I would like to change the formula and be more than fifty
It has been proved that joy or happiness ease the functions of the
body, make the mind work pro life in our own self rather than cold
seriousness, self concentration and somber thinking. As the bible says
"A joyful heart is good medicine...".

I know there are moments... when you can´t be cheerful, but what the
hell! What´s the use of being sad and mournful... Unless you believe in
mortification, there are so many beautiful things to enjoy in this world!!

And, really, these are as simple as daily sunrise, a miraculous promise
of life in its fulfilment!

However, I don't want to make a dogma out of this. There is nothing
more stupid than searching for happiness all the time, as you simply
won´t be able to look at the other side of the moon. I don´t want to
seem a preacher or a self-help writer anxious to make money from general

Love is very important, for all ages, as it is to be acepted by
society, something that takes us a life! It´s been proved that health
and quietness relaxes our muscles, strengthen our immunological system
and so reduces solitude. May be it´s a question of hormons but IT WORKS!

My advice is to keep a good state of mind to try to look into the best
possible way of understanding things, that´s simply all.

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