Thursday, August 03, 2017

From Lawrence PhiloMadrid Meeting: Meeting for drinks during summer

Meeting for drinks during summer

Dear Friends

I hope you are having a good summer and enjoying your holidays.

As in previous years we can meet during the summer period for drinks on

The purpose of writing is to organise a place where we can meet for
these few weeks and should be most grateful if you can suggest a place
where to meet. Ideally the place should be as close to the centre as
possible. (From a personal perspective the Retiro is impossible for me;
I cannot enter the park without a bad allergy attack! And yes I take
pills but they don't have one specific for the Retiro!!!)

We can start our meeting on Sunday 13th August (maybe 7pm); by that time
we should have agreed on a place.

Please send me your suggestions by whatever means is convenient for you
or leave a comment on the MeetUp group. On Monday or Tuesday next week
I'll post a list of possible places to meet.

Best Lawrence

PhiloMadrid Meeting
tel: 606081813

From Lawrence PhiloMadrid Meeting: Meeting for drinks during summer

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