29 September 2017

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Terrorism + NEWS

Dear Friends,

First of all a big thank you is due to Alicia, Encarna and Matilda for
their help in finding a new place to meet which is now: Café Madrid in
Calle del Meson de Panos in Opera. I hope you will like the place which
of course was my decision to meet there.

Hence our next meeting will be next Sunday, 1st October at 6:30pm in
Café Madrid.

But before moving to the topic this will be a good time to remind
ourselves of our guidelines:

This is more like an imperative: EVERYONE must get a drink. If you have
problems paying for a drink please let me in advance but there are no
exceptions to the drinks rule. Don't forget we don't pay anything to use
the facilities.

The real guidelines are:

Please DO NOT interrupt speakers. And if you must interrupt a speaker
please ask the person speaking or the chair. A good option is to
indicate you would like to say something when the speaker finishes but
the best option is to put your nameon the list.

The guideline of not talking about Spanish politics or religion is
strongly enforced. Of course, Spanish history and social customs are
accepted. This is not an attempt to limit free speech but an attempt to
limit unnecessary hassle in life.

Although we are an English speaking group, we are only interested in
your ideas and not your level of English. We will always help out to put
your ideas in English and if necessary in any other language if there
are no other way. It is hard for everyone!

That's it: respect people and everything will be fine.

The topic for Sunday is: Terrorism.

This is a topic we have discussed twice:

Terrorist or Hero?

The topic is very current and as important as at any time in history. We
can start by asking ourselves, are terrorist acts always political acts?
And despite the seemingly misuse and abuse of the term in modern
politics, what do we really mean by terrorism? What is the difference
between a terrorist act and a criminal act? And why should it matter?

Should we distinction between a terrorist act and the (political) cause
of that act? Would a terrorist act make a political cause illegitimate?

And finally, is there and should there be a difference between terrorist
acts aimed at members of society and terrorist acts aimed at
representatives of the state?

We might also care to consider what causes terrorism and what would stop

Best Lawrence

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PhiloMadrid Meeting
Meet 6:30pm
Café Madrid
Calle del Meson de Panos in Opera

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Terrorism + NEWS

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