02 February 2018

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Intuition

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: intuition.

We have already discussed this topic in March 2009 and again as
"Intuition or reasoning" in January 2011 and you can find my essay here:

There is no doubt that when we have an intuition of something we have
that intuition on something we are engaged in. We can be engaged about
something in deep philosophical thought, or technical knowledge. Or we
can be engaged about something in passing, for example an event that
attracts our attention in the news.

But is intuition the same as knowledge or true belief? Even knowledge
and true belief are not exactly the same: a true belief is something
that needs to be "objectively" confirmed. Knowledge is something that is
objectively confirmed. In other words we know because what it is we know
has been established by our methodologies of acquiring knowledge.

Intuitions do not even have the status of beliefs: I mean we are
prepared to fight and defend our beliefs, but are we prepared to fight
for our intuitions? And yet sometimes we put a lot of trust in our
intuition. Sometimes even more than trust, we can change our beliefs or
life on an intuition.

Sometimes our intuitions let us down; or simply do not explain events or
the future 100%. But why do we sometimes get intuitions right and
sometimes not 100% spot on? Maybe the best way to answer this question
is to investigate the knowledge and experience of the person.

And a second question is then how do we go from conscious experience and
knowledge to unconscious assessment of a situation?

One issue we can discuss is the scope of intuitions in our daily life:
why do we need intuition when we can have beliefs or even knowledge.

Best Lawrence

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PhiloMadrid Meeting
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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Intuition

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