18 May 2018

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Do we make our destiny?

Dear friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Do we make our destiny?

Strictly speaking if our future is destined to be than it doesn't matter
what we do what happens is our destiny. Furthermore, whatever we do, it
does contribute to our destiny.

So what we really must distinguish is what is going to happen to us and
what do we wish for or want from our life? What we want and what our
life will be like in the future are two different things.

Thus what we want, which is more conceptually manageable rather than the
raffle of the future, seems to have two conditions. The first is that:
the more what we want requires more time to achieve the more likely we
stand to fail. And if we fail it's because there are too many factors
independent of us to mitigate our failure. Sometimes failure is no
reflection on us.

The second condition is that we might not know what really needs to be
done to achieve what we want. Life is difficult enough when things are
clear, but what about things we are not too familiar with?

Maybe we use words like destiny when we really don't understand what is
going and intellectually we give up trying to understand.

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Do we make our destiny?

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