28 September 2018

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Do things change if we change?

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we are discussing: Do things change if we change?

We also have an essay by Lola on the subject, and although I haven't
prepared an essay myself I wish to say the following on the topic.

If we change our point of view on some state of affairs, we tend to see
that situation as we say, in new light. If a politician lies to us and
we discover that they lied to us, then we have changed, buy knowing the
truth, and the politician has changed from our view by virtue of our new
knowledge. But is this virtue a causal virtue? The politician lied
before we knew the truth so by discovering that they lied nothing has
changed in the person themselves.

So, yes, at a certain level, things do change, by what has changed in
our perception of this thing. Hence the change in us is a change in the
information we have and/or our interpretation of the information we
already have about the thing. In effect it enough that we change for
things to change, it is not necessary that our change causes any
physical change in the thing itself.

Essay by Lola:
"Do things change if we change?"

This title may seem obvious, although not so much so.
In my opinion it all depends on the quality of change that is reflected
in our everyday life.

Let´s think a change comes to encourage our pattern of life in fields
like new work, partners, children, unexpected change of home, not just a
dreadful psychological change due to loss of money, someone we loved who
passed away; some cherished broken relationship, that shakes the whole
structure of our life.

In this case two possible things are possible: Either we try to keep the
boat ashore, and renew ourselves from the ashes, or try to overcome our
sorrow by looking back to the previous restored situation.

In any personal change there is possibly damage and gain.

We may be in the middle of a crisis and put ourselves under the umbrella
waiting for it to pass over. However, if we fight it out definitively
and strongly determine a course of action, something will come up from
this situation.

Whether psychological change is encountered just by need of growing up
better in terms of improvement of behaviour, and consequently on the
context of our own life, when we are not mature enough and lack some
strong personality and we need to improve in terms of resilience,
decision, need to strengthen vital horizons, we might need a
psychological advisor.

Finally, after this scarce view of how to cope with this kind of
entangled situation. Trying to be better in both psychological state and
to revert back into real life, and consequently obtain an improvement in
ourselves and living resources or at the very least a fine foreseeable
future, we need, primarily, to be touched by the will of the gods, as
ancient peoples believed, that we nowadays call : LUCK.

Man and woman provide this thrill to change, where does it come from?
One must be careful about a compelling desire for big changes.  As the
old saying says "man proposes, god disposes".

Limitation is always there. We must count on it in order not to lose
ourselves and the whole prospect of our life.

However the sky is the limit when the moment comes to a big change.

Lola, September 25, 2018.

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Do things change if
we change?

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