17 January 2019

Crowd funding project: leukemias developed in adult people

Hi Lawrence,

I wanted to ask you to help me spread, among your friends and people that you know, this web page for crowd funding for a research project on chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL in English or LLC in Spanish). This project has been selected together with other nine projects and is endorsed by the Sociedad Española de Inmunología (SEI). You know that the state budget for research is very small in Spain and the SEI proposed to resort to crowd funding.

My project is to try and understand why B cells get malignant in the CLL. CLL is one of the more frequent leukemia developed in adult people.

In healthy people, only 5-10% of B cells express PSGL-1, but we have found that most B lymphocytes from people with Chronic Linfocitic Leukemia express this protein PSGL-1. We think that this protein contributes to the malignancy of B lymphocytes, helping them to proliferate, to invade different tissues and to kill T cells and, in addition, impairing them to produce antibodies against microbes. Our project can help know the molecular mechanisms altered in the CLL B cells and hence to find new molecular targets for more effective disease treatment.

The link to my research project is:

Thank you very much Lawrence!!



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