17 September 2020

The aesthetic beauty of machines (Pedro)

 Collection of pictures sent to us by Pedro for the topic.


The aesthetic beauty of machines: A graphical essay.

12 sheets showing different instruments/ machines that humankind was sometimes able to perfect, improve or polish, and sometimes not.

The most powerful, the pencil. Without light, everything is impossible. And without a record of the experiences the work gets lost.

In this sense I show you some design solutions of mankind.

If they result beautyful, are they so for everyone, or does it depend on the eye who sees them?

Does their practicality, simplicity, or ease of use need to be included as their aesthetic values?

Excuse me if I forgot the Bic ballpoint pen or the Sheaffer or Parker fountain pens, another two solutions on the summit.

Thank you for your attention,

Pedro Rodriguez


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