12 November 2020

The limits of space exploration by Tatiana

The limits of space exploration by Tatiana


Exploration of space has always been a secret of all the secrets and a mystery, very hard to decode.

We came to the point where we start to think of our optional home, which means an optional planet where humans could restart their existence. We desire to know more of what is yet unknown by us and nothing is more interesting to discover then the infinite darkness of space. Is it infinite, or is there an end to it?

We thrive so much to explore what is out there that we forget that we have still so much more to learn about our only home, the Earth.

Why do we need so much to discover even what could harm us? It’s not a secret that so many innovations and explorations were harmful and even deadly to our civilization.

When it comes to destruction, humans have a lot to say but the eagerness to create what can destruct us is stronger than the experience and responsibility so much limited by laws that protect individuals more than the whole society.

Since the beginning of civilizations in all parts of the world, humans tried and often succeeded to overcome the obstacles of living, trying to create and also to improve conditions of life. And all this is called process in the name of progress.

There is no doubt that the demand of human kind getting bigger and even greedier to succeed in creating life more comfortable.

Most of us are just consumers of explorations and the consequences of innovations and we all feel them physically or emotionally being a part of this world where everything is intervened and carried over as a long term legacy. The Atomic bomb as much as destructive it is still considered one of the biggest innovations of our time and we have all been afflicted by it, directly or historically.

Governments and leading scientists take responsibility in their hands to choose for us which next big innovation is going to be used for our progress and they are going that far as to the universe, exploring beyond our understanding.

What gives someone the right to choose how far they can go into exploring what is completely unknown and in the end could harm us? Could universe just simply punch back and refuse our participation?

It seems that most of us just flow in the world of unknown letting us being carried and manipulated by those that are considered to know the best. So we put the responsibility on them to do what we all probably would also do in the same position.

Curiosity killed the cat, they say, so if we didn’t learn from the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons and plenty other destructive weapons shouldn’t we be more careful and put the limits while creating and implementing strict laws on those who choose for us to explore unknown space.


World governments are far from establishing peace and prosperity on this home we already inhabit, planet Earth, so is it really progressive to continue searching for another home out there in the space, eventually on Mars, that shows the biggest similarity to Earth?

Are certain governments trying to reconstruct life on Mars or maybe on some other planet in our Galaxy to save us from eventual and already threatening climate change and fear of a nuclear wars or they want to use a universe as a second chance escape goat to repair  the mistakes we committed on this planet?

So little is transparent to us as what is actually being done in space and how far we got. It seems like the universe is a little treasure or a diamante hidden somewhere to be refined and then eventually exposed to the public eye. I would like the universe to stay a mystery as it is so it could still engage our imagination. I prefer my home to be Earth and I wish governments would focus on our mistakes done on this planet rather then discovering others and possibly imposing human laws and habits. Who is in the end controlling those on the first line that go to the universe to take samples and search for life or settlement for recreating our way of life?

I guess that we are a small drop in the ocean of space and time and it is logical that we are curious and we want to know more but where is our responsibility to the creation and life in the universe.

Since the first landing on the Moon the ethical part of exploration of the universe has never been discussed enough on a public level as if public doesn’t participate in it, which is the truth because general opinion is mostly that those who lead the countries and those of bigger financial possibilities will actually profit from the positive explorations of the universe.

Shouldn’t we stop at the landing on the Moon and visiting Mars? Countries involved in the universe exploration should be taken responsible by creating laws that limit them technically and ethically because until now there were no actual limits but just possibilities in discovering the universe.

I guess time will show once again whether exploration of the universe will lead up to be just another colonization into the darkness of space and time.


By Tatiana


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