18 December 2020

PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 20th December: TV Content today,,

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we are talking about: TV Content today.

The topic was proposed by Ignacio and is quite appropriate given that in
the next few weeks we would be doing more TV watching than the rest of
the year because of the holiday. If, that is, it is possible to watch
more television in the age of the pandemic!! In my short essay I discuss
the then and now issues of TV content.

TV content today by Lawrence

In the meantime you can link to the current news and notices here:

-FROM Miguel
Celebration of Mind monthly conferences

-Alfonso has a new website and he gave us link to his latest book of
poems: Después

-Oscar's book on his reflections on COVID-19 is still available

-David J.Butler has published a new book "Absent Friends" regarding the
Cementerio Británico in Madrid

Finally, the Skype Meeting is on 20th December at 6:30pm: if you don't
have the link already please send me a message. In the meantime
sometimes new members have problems connecting to Skype. Having the
desktop version helps, and the mobile phone version is also useful. For
some reason Skype fails to connect via a browser. Other times you might
need to restart your PC, but once you connect there is no problem.

Best and take care

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PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 20th December: TV Content today

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