03 June 2021

PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 6th June: Sentient Animals,

Dear Friends,

Last Sunday we did not get round to discuss the topic on Sentient
Animals, so this Sunday we'll continue with this topic.
This Sunday we are discussing: Sentient Animals.

The topic was proposed by Ignacio, and in my short essay I discuss three
philosophical issues that might help us discuss this important topic.

Sentient Animals

In the meantime you can link to the current news and notices here:

-Alfonso has a new website and he gave us link to his latest book of
poems: Después

-Oscar's book on his reflections on COVID-19 is still available

-David J. Butler has published a new book "Absent Friends" regarding the
Cementerio Británico in Madrid

Finally if you have problems with Skype try launching it again if you
have the App or browser. Send me a message for the link.

Best and take care

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PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 6th June: Sentient Animals

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