02 September 2021

,PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 5th September: Qualified parliamentarians

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a good summer and an equally good rest.

The topic for the meeting this coming Sunday is: "Should politicians be
qualified to be members of parliament?" which was proposed by Sara. I
had to shorten the title for the subject line. We have two essays on the
topic one by Alberto and the other by me; links are below:

Essay by Alberto
A Political Education

Essay by Lawrence
Should politicians be qualified to be members of parliament?

One of the things I've been thinking about over summer was whether we
should move the meeting from Sunday to some other day and time during
the week.

Speaking for myself I don't mind either way, and nothing has been
decided, just opening the topic for discussion.

Cons for a change:
- The meeting was originally an opportunity to meet friends on Sundays
to discuss interesting philosophical topics.
- Many of us are busy during the week and difficult to plan in advance
for a regular meeting during the week at the same time.

- We are too busy during the week and, therefore, difficult to think
about philosophy.

Pros for change:
- The last thing some of us want is to spend another two hours in front
of the computer on Sunday evening.
- Although the pandemic is still with us, we are lucky in Madrid that we
can go out and meet some friends and socialise. Thus although I don't
see returning to physical meetings anytime soon, at least we have
Sundays free to meet friends and family in real life.

- Even if we were to have meetings in person, we would now exclude a
number of active members who don't live in Madrid.

In the meantime you can link to the current news and notices here:

-Alfonso has a new website and he gave us link to his latest book of
poems: Después

-Oscar's book on his reflections on COVID-19 is still available

-David J. Butler has published a new book "Absent Friends" regarding the
Cementerio Británico in Madrid

Finally if you have problems with Skype try launching it again if you
have the App or browser. Send me a message for the link.

Best and take care

telephone/WhatsApp: 606081813
Email: philomadrid@gmail.com

PhiloMadrid on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 5th September: Qualified parliamentarians

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