07 October 2021

The influence of the pandemic on 21st C ideology


The influence of the pandemic on 21st C ideology


Topic by Clara


Essay by Lawrence


Although pandemics are not new to humanity, they are rare enough that their effects and how to deal with them are lost in the memory of society. This might be a positive state of affairs since it implies that pandemics are not very common. But it also means that we are not necessarily prepared when there is a new pandemic. We are destined to make the same mistakes: people not wearing masks are one such mistake by members of society.


The 2020 Covid 19 pandemic has demonstrated how the political systems today are completely inadequate for a pandemic, even to the point of accusing some national governments of criminal negligence. This pandemic should not have happened and it happened because of the criminality of the Chinese dictatorship, and their corruption. Today we come across articles (search the internet) strongly suggesting that the pandemic did start from one of the virus laboratories in China and by the summer of 2019 the virus was already an epidemic in Wuhan.


The idea that the pandemic started in a wet market, maybe even coming from abroad, is disgraceful: there are many wet markets in the world and they don’t usually create pandemics.


Of course, the actions of the then President Trump regarding his management of the pandemic in the USA can only be described as intentional criminal policies. Most other governments were inadequately prepared for the pandemic if at all and politically many governments were ignorant or just being populist. Economically, many governments did not have or make available resources to help the sick or those affected by the lockdown.


The EU made a huge effort to organise finances and logistics to supply safety equipment and research to develop a vaccine within member states. But because healthcare systems are the competences of each individual country in the EU the coordination and management of the pandemic in the EU was at best parochial when the fight should have been coordinated at the continent level.


The pandemic made it possible for corrupt politicians and governments to plunder the financial resources of their respective country. And of course many Chinese suppliers took advantage of the world crisis to enrich themselves usually by supplying sub standard supplies. It is clear that in 2021 the world cannot rely anymore on a dictatorship and a single source to supply health care material and key products.


But this corruption and mismanagement is not something new and not exclusive for the 21st century. However, what is new is that we practically had real time information about this corruption and mismanagement. Also a new factor is real time social media: these mediums were, and still are, used to inform people about the medical facts about the pandemic but also to spread fake and false information.


What the pandemic has established is that medical health care cannot be a for-profit activity anymore. Health care should not be a matter of whether we can afford the bill at the point of use. That is criminal because the state is condemning citizens to die simply because they are poor. If private companies can make a profit from providing healthcare (they cannot without cheating) then those profits can be invested back in the health care service.


Finally, new technologies have made it possible to access scientific and expert opinions about the pandemic in real time, but it seems that the average human mind is still not curious enough to find out the reality of the pandemic and the scientific implications of the pandemic.


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