11 November 2021

How culture influences our life

How culture influences our life


Culture has been defined as the aspects of human activity which are socially rather than genetically transmitted. These aspects include ethics, behaviour, language, clothes, values which are learned by a particular group of people. Therefore, culture makes societies unique, making it an essential component in influencing our lives.


Some values can change after time, but the principles remain the same. Being born in a specific group of people make you choose one decision over the other because of the values. For instance, within Indigenous culture taking care of nature means a lot. Every year make offerings to the "Pachamama"(Mother Earth)  shows gratitude towards our nature. For this reason, in the indigenous mind, the decision of destroying the forest by building thousands of houses inside the mountains does not make sense. Contrary to the European mind whose decisions are focused on themselves. The benefit for humans instead of looking for the mutual benefit nature and humans.


Often people from one culture are surprised by the decisions taken by other people of a culture.  We usually think that one culture is more superior than another, this is just ignorance.


Culture defines our identity it is essential to be able to recognize and respect other cultures to avoid this thinking of superiority.


Finally learning more about how culture influences our way of living,  deciding, thinking will help us to distinguish between aspects of the way people think which are part of nature from those that are the results of the time we were exposed before reaching our adulthood.


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