07 July 2022

PhiloMadrid: news for the summer months

Dear Friends,

We are postponing the philosophy meetings until September 4th. It is
just too hot to think in July and August.

However, we are organising a get together meeting in real life on
SATURDAY 16th July: Time 7:30pm, Location Retiro, Puerta de la
Independencia, in Puerta de Alcala, we can then make our way to a
terraza. Isabel and I will be with our small white dog!

Just in case: our topic for the 4th September is:

Identity Crisis, topic by James
As a continuation of the topic Development of Identity, see below.

Essay: Development of Identity (Essay by Lawrence)

Best and take care

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Email: philomadrid@gmail.com

PhiloMadrid: news for the summer months

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