22 August 2022

from Lawrence PhiloMadrid: For Your Information,


Dear Friends,

At the end of July and early August I had to go to hospital for ten days
because of an infection and swelling of my face. In retrospect it was
due to a ridiculous mishap shaving but at the time the Emergency
department were convinced it was something extremely serious. It turned
out the infection was nothing exotic, just natural bichos we have on our
face and mouth. After returning home I had to be careful not to infect
the open wound again. Today everything is healed although I still have a
number of tests to go through.

But there is a bit of a downside to all this and that is my blood sugar
levels went out of control to the extent that I now need daily
medication; which seems to be functioning as planned.

This explains why I couldn't organise any get-togethers and why it's
going to be a bit difficult to meet in person in the evening for the
meetings as discussed. I have to follow this diet like clockwork and
there are still too many flying bugs at night: I think one mega
infection this part of 2022 is enough.

So for the time being we're back to Skype meetings (subject to review)
and our topic for the 4th September is:
Identity Crisis, topic by James
As a continuation of the topic Development of Identity, see below.
Essay: Development of Identity (Essay by Lawrence)

Unfortunately, today I cannot promise I can write a follow up essay for
our meeting, but I'll do my hardest….

Best and take care

telephone/WhatsApp: 606081813
Email: philomadrid@gmail.com

from Lawrence PhiloMadrid: For Your Information

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