29 September 2022

PhiloMadrid meeting on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 2nd October: The Food Industry (cont)

Dear Friends,

The topic for this Sunday meeting will be again: The Food Industry.

The topic was suggested by James, but unfortunately I couldn't write and
finish an essay this week. Later on I do give some links to articles
that might be interesting on the topic. In a way this is an extension to
our discussion on Vegetarianism. The difference is that we may choose
what to buy and eat, but not the supply of produce to buy and eat. This
is completely out of our control.

Food industry

These 10 companies control everything you buy (2016 but still interesting)

Seven challenges and trends the food industry can expect in 2021

A quick search for "food industry" should result in even more
interesting documents.

Oscar has sent me advance notice about his forthcoming book:
"Toranzo, 88 ilustraciones y coplillas" by Oscar

The book will be available in November, and we should have more details
later on.

Finally, send me a message if you need the Skype link.

Best and take care

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Email: philomadrid@gmail.com

PhiloMadrid meeting on Skype 6:30pm Sunday 2nd October: The Food
Industry (cont)

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