20 October 2022

Are we confused about our image?


Are we confused about our image?


Topic by Norma

Short Essay by Lawrence



Our image is something that exists in the public domain and it is supposed to give others a favourable opinion about us. But I consider one’s image not only how we look but also our personality and character.


One’s image can be made up of three factors: 1) the image we want to convey to others, 2) the image we actually have and 3) the image people see in us or think they see in us. A quick search in the relevant search engines will suggest other variants to these three factors. Anyway, this is an obvious cause for confusion about our image. There are too many factors that can go wrong even if we are careful about what image we try to convey.


This does not mean that some people do not genuinely like us, despite our personality and character. But some people genuinely-liking-us is not the same as some people wanting to give us the impression that they like us. Unfortunately, this latter scenario is very common in an employment situation.


For most of us our image is not a big issue although for some commitments, such as work, we have to pay some attention to our image. Interviews are an obvious work related situation. However, our image might be relevant for some people such as politicians, head of companies or head of institutions.


People in authority might want to convey an image of wholesome honesty whilst in private they try to exploit people. And this is when things can go wrong. We might think of ourselves as being up right citizens but in reality people in authority are convinced we are at best naïve. And, therefore, ripe to be exploited.


The run up and subsequent events of the UK leaving the EU are a twenty first century example of a nation being confused about their image and how that confused state resulted in one of Europe’s abuse of power. Unfortunately, in politics nationalism can easily be a source of grief for the country concerned.


Self awareness might go a long way to limit how confused we are about our image. And our ability to distinguish between the fluff presented by those in power and real facts might limit how much we are exploited.


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