25 February 2023

Returning to the sea

Returning to the sea


Topic by Jorge

Notes by Lawrence



The sea is a very hostile place. So hostile that our original ancestors could not get out of it fast enough.


Hence the idea of returning to the sea requires further clarification. Do we mean humans returning to live in the sea, whence we came from? Probably this is a bit late in the day to even imagine going back lock, stock, and barrel to the sea.


Of course, if we mean exploiting the sea for our benefit then surely we are already doing this. The only problem is of course that the sea, as already mentioned, is a very hostile place. And, although, this might not have a bearing on any philosophical issues it might help us reconsider the risks and opportunities.


In the meantime today we are doing a huge amount of damage to the fauna and flora of sea life. And not just through mindless exploitation but also from criminal pollution. These two activities by themselves can today prejudice the future stocks of said life forms.


We are already familiar with diminished stocks of fish (see the EU fisheries policy) but to this scenario we have to add first, the mercury pollution and other toxic wastes that is supposed to be present in most fish. And secondly, the modern curse of micro plastics that we are now being alerted by marine biologists and scientists.


Mining the sea for mineral resources, we are told, would certainly destroy the oceans and all living creatures. The best news so far is that using wave power is already a promising technology and placing wind turbines off shore is an accepted form clean power.


But the topic begs the question: what is wrong with using the land we have for our resources and needs? It is not a valid argument to argue that we are fast destroying the habitable part of the Earth. If this is the case then surely the simple answer to stop those who are fast destroying the Earth. In any case what is to stop us from destroying the sea even further.


But to stop the destruction of the Earth is easier said than done, since this would involve political cooperation at the global level. Not to mention controls on the unethical behaviour of some people amongst our mist.


Today we talk about climate change and global warming. But these are terms that do not mean much for most people even if these memes are quite catching. Shouldn’t the relevant meme be “Save the world from us!” …?


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