15 April 2023

PhiloMadrid Skype meeting: Tuesday 18th April 2023 at 20:00pm: AI & Relationships + News

Dear Friends,


We had a nice evening today Saturday at the Retiro especially meeting old friends and news friends alike.



Before I introduce Tuesday's topic, first some feedback from our social meeting today. Most probably we'll be moving the philosophy meeting from Tuesday to Wednesday. More details to follow, but most certainly in the second half of May. Feedback is welcome.


This evening everyone was in favour of having the video on during the Skype meeting, but again we'll start with this option when we move to Wednesday meetings.


And finally, we will certainly continue with these social meetings on a more regular basis. Details when I manage to get a meeting organised.



So this Tuesday we are discussing Artificial Intelligence and Relationships. The topic was proposed by Diego and this is how he proposed the topic:


……Also, I thought of a good topic for Tuesday. It's based on a recent article on people whose heart was broken after their AI avatars were modified by the companies behind them and their behavior steered away from a romantic relationship to a cold AI.




Can also relate it to the movie "Her" on the same topic.




I think there's much discussion that could be had about our ability and ethics on relationships (friend, advice, love) with an AI, possible downfalls, the possibility of them replacing, complementing or augmenting human relationships and the role/responsibility of those that build them.


Spitballing on the topic I came up with a number of questions to consider/discuss about human/AI relationships…


Can a relationship (at any level) with an AI….

•Be considered "real"?

•Replace a human relationship?

•Be positive?

•Be sufficient?

•Satisfy human needs for companionship?

•Be superior to a human relationship?

•Fool us into believing it's human?

•Be used for treatment for loneliness in senior or otherwise isolated individuals?




In the meantime let me know if you need the Skype link to the meeting.







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PhiloMadrid Skype meeting: Tuesday 18th April 2023 at 20:00pm: AI & Relationships + News




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