07 January 2024

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Book by Asuncion

Title: Timeless Joyce

Author: Asuncion Lopez Varela Azcarate


 2022 marked the 100th anniversary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

 This book is a celebration of Joyce’s text and of the aspects that make his masterpiece timeless.

 Structured under the inspiration of Brancusi’s spiral image, ‘Symbol of James Joyce’, the volume shows Joyce’s play in two movements: a centripetal move towards unity, using myth, analogies and correspondences and a centrifugal force, with a cunning mixture of irony and unanticipated turns, where the dream of unity is shattered and the text resonates in multiple directions, manifesting its diversity through forms of duplicity and double coding.

 The double spiral movement of Joyce’s novel is aimed at contrasting diverse perspectives on existential issues as well as religious, political and even gender aspects.

 Features such as Joyce’s mytho-poetics, the future of nostalgia, temporal becoming, coincidentia oppositorum, apophatic theology and philosophies of the occult are explored as part of an allegorical dimension of myth that simultaneously seeks and refuses holistic unity.

 Readers are involved in a sort of rite of passage, like Odysseus in his perilous journey, forced to read forwards, backwards and vertically in the fractal structure of the novel through which Joyce achieves its poetics of infinity.

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--It is with great sadness that I have learnt Julian Martelli passed
away early in October this year, 2022. Julian was very active during our
meetings in Molly Malone and participation was always respected by all.
Christine kindly wants to share with us a photo of Julian with her and
friends. You can find the FaceBook link below.

I also include a link for our visit to Toledo in 2008 when Julian came
with us on the day trip.


--Jorge has kindly sent us the link to his book which is available for
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Please let me know if you need the Skype link: preferably by WhatsApp.

Best and take care

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