05 May 2024

Our beliefs about 2050


Our beliefs about 2050


By Lawrence


This is not an exercise in predicting the future but rather, how far can our beliefs stretch into the future. There is nothing unusual about predicting the future, since scientists can easily make forecasts about certain aspects of nature that turn out, more or less, to be true.


Many of us are not scientists, and those that are do not necessarily conduct their everyday beliefs and opinions about the future using the scientific method. Nor is the objective of our exercise to imagine what 2050 will be like, but how far our beliefs today can be valid, but not necessarily true, about society in 2050.


So, why 2050? Although 2050 seems a long time from now it is only 26 years. Twenty six years is practically an average generation, and most of the people alive today would still be alive in 2050.


For example, it would be reasonable to believe that the National Spanish Female football team would win the world cup at least twice by 2050. Even by 2050 these athletes cannot expect to be lured by the sirens of big money anytime soon, unlike their male peers. Hence, they will still be focused on their sport and not on some “macho” lifestyle.


Compare this with say health care in the most deprived countries in Africa. Corruption and exploitation of Africa were there twenty six years ago and for good measure they were also there fifty years ago. So it is quite reasonable to believe that there won’t be a reliable health care system in the most deprived countries in Africa.


First of all, the modern idea of a country is an anathema for Africa mainly because the continent was historically divided by tribal territory usually heavily influences by natural barriers such as rivers, mountains and deserts. And secondly, the aging populations in western countries and the neo liberal economy model creep in general requires cheap labour hence it makes no sense for this economic model to develop heath care and education in these deprived countries.


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