09 March 2011

from Lawrence, this Sunday meeting, + NEWS please read

Dear friends,

The latest news about the meetings is as follows.

Last Sunday Diana approached the manager of O' Connors Irish Pub in
Almagro, Alonso Martinez, about holding meetings there and he agreed in
principle but as I shall explain with some provisos. In fact last
Sunday, after Cafe Comercial, we went over to O'Connors to check it out.

Indeed we have agreed to meet this coming Sunday there at 6pm sharp.
There are the details. The space we are allowed to occupy holds about 15
people or so, if we squeeze we might pack a few more of us.

Unfortunately, he cannot reserve the room for us since we are not really
a big group nor can we guarantee a large number 30+. Hence, this is why
we need to be there not later than six in order to make sure we occupy
the corner for ourselves.

We can now take it as given that all those attending must consume
something and the feeling I got was that they expect a large proportion
of us to consume more than one drink.

And should we hold our meetings there the usual football exclusion
clause applies.

Well I (we) agreed to meet there this Sunday to see how it goes. So the
details are O'Connors at six pm.

We also agreed to discuss the following topics:

Rejoicing in Change
Group Think
Ethical Codes
Shame and Shamelessness.

My personal impression is that this part of the room is quite cosy, but
of course the space available for us is rather limited. More importantly
I couldn't help noticing that by 8:30pm, last Sunday, a number of people
were already using the unoccupied the part of the place not used by us.
We can therefore assume that the pub is quite busy and we'll be, so to
speak, commenting with this regular business.

The second part of the news is that NACHA (thank you Asu), at
www.Nacha.es contacted me and that I agreed to meet her this Friday at
10pm to check out her pub. So if any one wants to join me and Isabel
we'll meet at 9:50pm outside her pub at Nacha Pub, c/ Monteleon 5. The
street is off M Malasaña check the web site for directions.

OK, here is the damage!

From the description Nacha gave me the pub is only open Friday and
Saturday, so she will be opening it specifically for us on Sunday if we
decide to go there for the meetings. The pub is organised for events so
there are enough seats, there is also a projector and an intenet
connection. She mentioned the use of a microwave but I'm not exactly
sure about this. Of course there is no football exclusion clause.

However, to make the whole venture viable for her we need to consume the
equivalent of 100 to 110 euros per meeting. By opening the pub she
incurs a fixed costs which she needs to cover. So that the bottom line!

But of course before considering this option I/we/some of us have to
visit the pub and confirm the conditions.

In any event as always if you have any comments please let me know. If I
get enough comments I might send out an other email late Friday or Saturday.

In the meantime there are other options we might still consider.

In the meantime don't forget the meeting with friends on Thursday at
Moor's and I think Peter is still looking for a flatmate.



from Lawrence, this Sunday meeting, + NEWS please read

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