17 March 2011

from Lawrence, this Sunday meeting, Apocalypse + NEWS please read

Meeting details, Job offer by Ian, Maths Tertulia by Miguel and draft
letter for Espacio Pozas 14
Dear friends,
I think that we can try meeting again at O'Connor's in Alonso Martinez.
It is not the perfect place but better than nothing. Anyway, I am told
that this Sunday there are no important games so maybe we can have the
back section of the room.
If things don't work out this Sunday we'll find another temp place.
So, this Sunday we are discussing Apocalypse and we are meeting at 6:00pm.
I have written the draft letter to the director of Espacio Pozas, as
Maria was asked to do, and kindly ask you for your feedback and any
offer to convert these ideas into Spanish; not necessarily translation!
In the meantime Ian has a job offer in his company and I include his
email below. Miguel has also sent me details of a Maths tertulia Tuesday
next week. And Peter is still looking for a flat mate.
Best and see you Sunday
Meeting O' Connors Irish Pub in Almagro, Alonso Martinez at 6:00PM

---draft email to Espacio Pozas -----
The Director of Espacio Pozas 14,
We are a group, PhiloMadrid, who meet on Sundays to discuss in English
philosophical and social issues and we are now looking for a suitable
place to meet for about 15-25 people usually between 6pm till 8:30-9pm.
We understand that Espacio Pozas 14 has facilities where cultural and
social groups can meet for their activities.
We started meeting some eight years ago in a local pub but unfortunately
we were asked not to meet there anymore.
Our meetings are held in English and everyone is welcome to attend and
participate. And although we call ourselves a philosophy group we
discuss general social and human issues, for example: friendship, crime,
do we exits? We have recently discussed The sociology of work today and
our next meeting is about Apocalypse. Most times the chair, and
sometimes a member of the group, write an essay on the subject.
Subjects are chosen by a democratic vote and usually must have a
philosophical implication. However, we have agreed to exclude any topics
relating to Spanish political and religious issues. The two other norms
we apply are that we respect each other's opinion and buy a drink if we
meet in commercial establishment.
The background of our group is a cross section of the population of
Madrid from professional people to unemployed and of course a regular
attendance from English native speakers who are visiting or living in
Madrid. However, the most important aspect is that everyone is welcome
to meet the group and participate if they wish.
Our group is not only an opportunity for people to discuss issues in
philosophy but to do it in English and maybe practice their English
speaking skills. However, neither a background in academic philosophy
nor a high level of English is requires.
Finally, it is important to point out that we are not affiliated to any
institution nor group in Spain or abroad and will not agree to join or
affiliate ourselves with any institution or group. And our main
objective is to meet on Sundays evening to discuss issues we are
interested in and of course to meet friends.
Our blog is: http://philomadrid.blogspot.com/
We hope that you can help us allocate facilities at Espacio Pozas 14 for
our group,
Thank you for your time
Lawrence JC Baron for the PhiloMadrid group.

----------------- Job offer by Ian --------------
Here is a link to the job posting on Infojobs:
The company I work for is looking to employ an inside sales person ASAP.
The person would need to be fluent in English at a minimum, with other
language abilities being a much wanted plus. Good languages to have are
German, French or Spanish. The job would involve working on the
telephone and email, corresponding with our resellers and helping to
process orders. They should have good computer skills (able to type, use
Outlook, Excel and Word) and ideally be smart (brains) and motivated.
The salary range is between 18-35K p.a on a permanent contract. The
salary offered to a candidate depends on their abilities and experience.
If they are intelligent, with various languages and are an eager go
getter then they will be at the 35K end of the scale. Alternatively, if
they are a school leaver, with limited experience and language ability
then the lower end would be where they would be at.
Who we hire will depend on the candidate, with the mix of abilities they
Remember, our company is based in a comfortable office, very close to
the north end of the Retiro park making for a nice central location to work.
Anyone interested? Please pass this message on to all our friends.
Take care for now.

Ian Cummings
m: +34 686966896 - e: ianrcummings@gmail.com
Yahoo IM: ianrcummings - Skype: ianrcummings
----------------------Maths Tertulia---------------------
Estimado tertuliano,
El próximo Martes tendremos Tertulia de Matemáticas en el Ateneo de
Madrid, con la conferencia Criptografía Clásica, de Escítala a Enigma
impartida por Miguel Ángel Madruga
Aprovecho la ocasión para enviarte un cordial saludo,
P.S.: Si quieres impartir una conferencia de contenido matemático
envíame un mensaje de correo para tratar los detalles.
Si quieres darte de baja en la lista de correo envía otro con "Baja" en
el campo "Asunto" del mensaje.

----------------------Peter looking for a flat mate---------------
Peter has asked me once again to remind you that he is looking
for someone to share his flat with in Mostoles close to public
transport; very good conditions. Central heating and central hot water.
There two rooms to rent out: a single and a double: tel 609257259 (LJCB
Note: one of the rooms might be taken, not sure which one)..
from Lawrence, this Sunday meeting, Apocalypse + NEWS please read

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