23 January 2019

from Lawrence, PhiloMadrid NO meeting this Sunday 27th

Dear Friends,

Just to let you know that this Sunday, 27th, we won't be having a
meeting. Our next meeting will be on the 3rd February and the subject
is: Is there really freedom in a democracy? Essays before 31st January.

In the meantime a reminder of some news:

A friend of mine, Ana is a researcher in immunology and cancer research
and has a project endorsed by the Sociedad Española de Inmunología (SEI)
for crowd funding.
    You can link to the official page here, in Spanish:
Papel de PSGL-1 en la patogénesis de la Leucemia Linfocítica Crónica y
su evaluación como marcador y diana terapéutica de la enfermedad.

"My project is to try and understand why B cells get malignant in the
CLL. CLL is one of the more frequent leukemias developed in adult people.
In healthy people, only 5-10% of B cells express PSGL-1, but we have
found that most B lymphocytes from people with Chronic Linfocitic
Leukemia express this protein PSGL-1. We think that this protein
contributes to the malignancy of B lymphocytes, helping them to
proliferate, to invade different tissues and to kill T cells and, in
addition, impairing them to produce antibodies against microbes. Our
project can help us know the molecular mechanisms altered in the CLL B
cells and hence to find new molecular targets for more effective disease
Link http://www.philomadrid.com/2019/01/crowd-funding-project-leukemias.html

In the meantime a reminder:
David Butler will be organising guided tours to the British
Cemetery until Easter. You can find more details here:
Cementerio Británico, visitas guiadas

Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, PhiloMadrid NO meeting this Sunday 27th

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