18 January 2019

from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Making Decisions + News

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we are talking about: Making Decision.

Making decisions is something we do every day, but how important are our
decisions, especially regarding unintended consequences? Ruel and I have
prepared essays on the topic, but first.

A friend of mine, Ana is a researcher in immunology and cancer research
and has a project endorsed by the Sociedad Española de Inmunología (SEI)
for crowd funding.
    You can link to the official page here, in Spanish:
Papel de PSGL-1 en la patogénesis de la Leucemia Linfocítica Crónica y
su evaluación como marcador y diana terapéutica de la enfermedad.

"My project is to try and understand why B cells get malignant in the
CLL. CLL is one of the more frequent leukemias developed in adult people.
In healthy people, only 5-10% of B cells express PSGL-1, but we have
found that most B lymphocytes from people with Chronic Linfocitic
Leukemia express this protein PSGL-1. We think that this protein
contributes to the malignancy of B lymphocytes, helping them to
proliferate, to invade different tissues and to kill T cells and, in
addition, impairing them to produce antibodies against microbes. Our
project can help us know the molecular mechanisms altered in the CLL B
cells and hence to find new molecular targets for more effective disease
Link http://www.philomadrid.com/2019/01/crowd-funding-project-leukemias.html

In the meantime a reminder:
David Butler will be organising guided tours to the British
Cemetery until Easter. You can find more details here:
Cementerio Británico, visitas guiadas

Ruel's essay:
Here's the link to my essay, "Making Decisions", for the PhiloMadrid
topic on Sunday:

Essay Lawrence
We are all familiar with the paintings in the Altamira Cave, Spain, the
ones with bisons, hunters and other creatures. Scientists might not
agree how old the paintings are, who did them and what they mean, if
any, but we all agree that they are really old. We can safely assume
that the paintings are genuine, and that the drawings are sufficiently
complex not to be random strokes of paint. Some might argue that people
at the time did not have the dexterity to create complex paintings, but
that's a different issue.

So what do the Altamira paintings have to do with philosophy and
decision making?

Please continue with the link because the email is too long to post,
thank you:


Best Lawrence

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from Lawrence, SUNDAY PhiloMadrid meeting at 6:30pm: Making Decision + News

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